2015-2019 PhD candidate at research group “From Made in China to Created in China – A Comparative Study of Creative Practice and Production in Contemporary China”                                                                                                                                            University of Amsterdam

As part of the research group “ChinaCreative” at the University of Amsterdam, I research contemporary practices of creativity and calligraphy in China. I probe five different fields of contemporary practice in China: calligraphy education, water calligraphy, digital calligraphy, modern art, and font design. I have conducted ethnographic fieldwork in all of these fields for a total of eleven months in Beijing and Hangzhou in 2015, 2016 and 2018.

Title of dissertation:  Inquisitive Ink: Contemporary Practices of Calligraphy.

2008-2010 MA Chinese Studies                                                                                           University of Leiden

Master thesis: The Immortality Poetry of Guo Pu(Publication in Shilin: September 2011)

2007-2008 Complete Scholarship Chinese language                                                                                                                Beijing Language and Culture University

Scholarship obtained from OCW/NUFFIC and The China Scholarship Council

2005-2008 BA Chinese Language and Culture                                                                                                                        Universiteit Leiden

Bachelor Thesis: The Chinese Blogosphere